Show This Sunday, March 22nd! Treehouse Upstairs at 2A, (25 Ave A, NYC!) 9 pm

sun.Tom Shaner-Courtney Lee Adams jr. 2A

July 20th – Sunday 7pm – at LIC BAR! Outdoor Show!

TShaner & Band outdoor show July 20 We are doing an EARLY OUTDOOR show at the LIC Bar in Long Island City, 5 minutes from Manhattan on the 7 train. A few blocks frm G train too. Our friend Gustavo invited us to play outdoors at 7 pm. It’ll be Bob “Gentleman Bob” Sharkey, Manami Morita, Dan “Handsome Dan” Green, & Bob Edinger and me. Music is not allowed after 8 pm, so be prompt, friends. They have good beers there. It’s a great NYC bar, for sure. A great and happening neighborhood. Great restaurants too.

June 22nd – Sunday 9pm – Acoustic Set at the Treehouse Upstairs at 2A (25 Ave A NYC)

tom shaner 2A JUne 22

A really enjoyable spot down in the LES.

June 11th – Wednesday 9pm – Playing at De Barra’s in Clonakilty, Ireland.

Always a fun time when I get the chance to venture to West Cork and play at Gavin Moore’s sitting room sessions.

I love deBarra’s.

New Record Update – on the Home Stretch!

last stretchNew Album UPDATE – I think I have only 4 pages of notes left to wrestle through!(but things could change). As with any journey, sometimes the last lift to the summit is the hardest. I think that’s where we are, but it has been a fun and challenging road the last month and a half. I am lucky to have musicians and friends tom mic sing guit too 2like Manami Morita, Dan Green, Alexander Bishop, Bob Sharkey, Zak Croxall, Bob Edinger, Fen Ikner, & Matt Dallow on my team. Man oh man, I do appreciate them all. Trying to do all their fantastic contributions justice. But it might be a few weeks before it’s done, maybe sooner…workin’ away…gettin’ there. Studio image shot by Brian C. Harnick