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October 26, 2012


Ghost Songs, Waltzes and Rock & Roll

  • Sister Satellite
  • Forever Drug
  • Sinners Highway
  • Downton has Done Damage
  • Rosa Lee
  • Foreverland
  • The Streets of Galway
  • Unstoppable Hipster
  • She Will Shine
  • Silent Parade
  • Cold Water
  • Sun Girl
  • Everythiing Will Be Silver
  • My House Is Green

From "NO DEPRESSION" by Lee Zimmerman "Lee's Listening Stack
"Ghost Songs, Waltzes and Rock & Roll"
If Tom Shaner’s new album, Ghost Songs, Waltzes and Rock & Roll, seems to boast an all encompassing title, suffice it to say it delivers all those possibilities. The truth is, Shaner’s music covers a wide gamut of styles and sounds, and over the course of 15 tracks he demonstrates how adept he is at exploring these various genres. Just when you think you have him pegged as a jaunty singer/songwriter type, he opts for a lovely ballad like “Downtown Has Done Damage” and then follows it with a gentle Celtic serenade, “The Streets of Galway” or a full-blown rave up such as “Unstoppable Hipster” or “Cold Water.” Shaner’s voice has an unmistakable edge, sometimes bringing an unlikely resemblance to Marc Bolan taking on a slight Dylan-esque delivery. That makes “She Will Shine” and “Sister Satellite” particularly enticing, a further result of his unmistakable charms. Yet, it’s also to Shaner’s credit that he manages to avoid the most obvious Americana cliches (“Foreverland” resembles a gypsy waltz while “Silent Parade” comes across like a serene late night serenade) and still managers to purvey a sound that sounds both fresh and familiar at the same time. Credit Ghost Songs, Waltzes and Rock & Roll with elevating expectations through its own example of truth in advertising.

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